Radicals suddenly changed! (Level 11)

Hi! I’m in Level 11, and suddenly a number of radicals just suddenly started meaning something else! Examples: nailbat now means fingers, and pine tree suddenly means grain. Did these radicals change now, meaning they have changed across the board for everyone? Or when you get to certain levels, do some of them just change on you all of a sudden?

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There was a big content overhaul recently:


There should have been an opportunity to relearn the radicals as a warning, do you see “Tools” in the top menu?

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So helpful!! Thanks!!

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Thanks so much for the update!! I never knew about this, probably b/c I use AlliCrab so I can do WaniKani on my iPad. (If you’re not an iOs person, the WaniKani app doesn’t work properly on Apple devices, so I had to get another app, AlliCrab, to enable me to use it in that format.) I just looked at AlliCrab’s settings and don’t see anything about relearning the new radicals!! I may have to contact its developer.

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The apps are mainly wrappers around the WK web page, like a restricted browser.

There are occasionally news like “WK is down for a few hours” that you miss, this content update is more a once per lifetime event, maybe WK should have sent an email about this.


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