Radical list for Radicals

Some radicals are made up of other radicals, but we don’t get a list of a radical’s composite parts like we do for words or kanji.

I’ve been going back over some of the updated meanings for radicals (like 冓 - lifeguard) and it’s taking me a bit of time to figure out what the composite radicals are (for lifeguard I can see ‘task’, but I’m struggling to find the other part).

Do you have any good strategies for studying radicals and amending the (sometimes cryptic) default definitions?

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It’s suggesting that the top is 生生

And nnnnnoope

I made my own up for this one.
Flowers going through the ground again
艹 一 再

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The problem is that many radicals are not really built from other radicals, sometimes that are created completely on their own. WK is just trying to split stuff like 冓 to fit it more nicely into their system. (If you look closely the lowest horizontal line pierced both sides, so it just looks a bit like task but isn’t.)

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