Radical coming after Kanji

I tried searching the forums, but couldn’t get a combination of words to see if someone has asked this or if there was an announcement or explanation.

In Level 10, there are several radicals that are the exact kanji I learned in previous levels: sell and fault come to mind, but maybe there were others.

Is this due to some reordering that happened, or is this intentional? Maybe this happened in earlier levels and I just was too inexperienced to notice. :man_shrugging:

All kanji are made up of radicals in this system. So if you have a new kanji that uses the same parts as 売, like 続, instead of just continually making bigger and bigger mnemonics, you convert the kanji you learned in pieces to a single radical, and that way the mnemonics stay relatively short.


Yeah! Exactly what leebo said. Radicalising the kanji that appear as parts of other kanji makes it easier to learn those bigger kanji!


Wow. This is so obvious when you say it. I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me.

It’s still a little weird to formally make you go through a radical like that. If the mnemonics just used “sell” as if I understood that was a radical, I probably wouldn’t ever have realized it wasn’t formally a radical learned during that section.


Still, radical reviews are (usually) my favorite since there’s only one part and they’re generally easy.

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