Old Radicals?

Question. I was looking at my dashboard, and clicked the “levels” option and was looking at later levels to see the type of stuff I’ll be learning, and I clicked level 14 and noticed that the radicals Public, Part, and Genius are there. I’ve already learned these though through WaniKani. Is there a reason for this, or is it a bug of some kind?

EDIT: Actually, I just checked, and I learned the KANJI for these (which is the same as the radicals). Why would they teach me a Kanji first, and it’s corresponding RADICAL later?

Because the radical can exist as a standalone kanji and a radical in other kanji. It’s a little redundant but that’s just how WK does it if a kanji can also be a radical. It make sense though since those radicals are often made up of other radicals, so the learning process is different when you first learn it as a kanji and then you learn the mnemonic for it later as a radical.


Huh, interesting. Oh well, I trust the Crabigator!

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Some kanji consist of a lot of radicals which can make it difficult for WK to give you a mnemonic that refers to all the radicals at the same time. But a lot of the time several of those radicals form kanji of their own and WK simply teaches you to treat that kanji as a new radical to simplify the mnemonics for the more complex kanji you encounter later.
Not all of these ‘they were also kanji’-radicals are actually a thing outside WK. WK uses them simply as a stepping stone.


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