Radical Combination for "school" should use "mix"

Currently is listed as Tree + Lid + Father.

However, I think it should be Tree + Mix

Here, I’ll even update the mnemonic:

Mix is for mixing all the children together at the school. The tree is for all the #2 pencils.


Hmm hmm hmm

@Mods could you take a look? :pray:

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Well strangely enough the mix radical seems to be introduced in level 25, so I guess that wouldn’t work.
The lid + father interpretation isn’t strictly wrong though, is it?


mmmhhmmm! I will pass this along to the team so they can consider changing some things around and moving some stuff to different levels and all that jazz! :dancing_women:

-Nick at WK


You got the trees all mixed up again! You need to go back to school until you learn which trees are which!

No, that’s not even a tree; that’s こうrn! How can you get trees mixed up with corn!?

(But yeah, I imagine that moving levels like that would perhaps be a bit of a logistical nightmare. I believe 交 is taught late as a radical because they want people to internalize its meaning properly before using it as a basic component.)


Aha! I did not notice that. However, the mix kanji is introduced at level 5. Perhaps the mix radical should be moved from 25 to 5 since it seems like the normal pattern is when the radical and kanji correspond 1:1, it teaches the radical first.

In any case, that should be the last time I forget this kanji! Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

It’s not the only one, I think I reported last year because it doesn’t use the odd (奇) radical unlike other similar kanji. I think somebody pointed out back then that RTK did a similar thing for whatever reason.

That’s one of the reasons I just stopped paying attention to radicals altogether and instead focused on things like the keisei script because even when radicals are introduced in the “right” order they often obfuscate the relation between kanji.


Your script looks well thought out and like an improvement on how to more accurately and intuitively learn the connections between kanji.

Has Tofugu made any statement about this?

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To be clear I have nothing to do with the creation of the script, credit where it’s due.

I did expand on this topic here: It feels like WK somewhat loses its way partway through

I think the people at Tofugu are absolutely aware of this, it’s just that there’s not really any obvious fix for it. The current radical system works pretty well early on, but it becomes limiting after a while.

Like for instance now at level 59 I have one new radical introduced, 下. It’s a bit ridiculous to be quizzed 5 times in a week on the meaning of 下, a trivial level 1 kanji, when you’re over 2000 kanji into your studies. But they don’t really have a choice if they want to use it as a radical for 峠, so here we are.

There’s no easy fix. Personally I think that WaniKani itself should change as you level up, and the system should become more flexible. Keeping the first 20 levels exactly the way they are is probably fine, but after that it should open up a bit as you reach the intermediate content.


Ah, I’m not sure why I got your username mixed up with acm2010, sorry about that.

Thanks for elaborating.

I think I’ll just be happy to make it to level 59, even if it is inefficient to learn some redundant radicals.

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Yeah obviously I still think it’s well worth it, even with the small frustrations along the way. For all its limitations I’m absolutely convinced that I wouldn’t have progressed as fast with my kanji knowledge if I had just used an Anki deck or a similar alternative.

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Hi there! I wanted to update you on this suggestion and let you know that we will be moving the radical mix down to a lower level. After that, it will be able to be used as one of the radicals that makes up 校!


Thank you! I hope it helps future learners :slight_smile: