Race to the Cake 🍰


Many thanks for the recipe @Sezme! This sounds just as delicious as it looks! I will try it out once I reach level 60, that’s the perfect incentive for me :cake:!


I’m going to have to try that cheesecake!!!
congratulations :tada:


Waiting for low levelers
Crito, Level: 2, speed: 6 days, 11 hours


Hello I did it because I was about to edit my stats anyway!


(accidentally tagged @Toyger i am sorry ;___; )


Thst’s ok. I needed to update my level anyway =^_^=


Hello then!!

Your names are incrediby similar


There’s a WHOLE o different! :rofl:


I am so sorry o ;____;


Haha, a whole o is basically 0, nothing :wink:

So so sorry o <3


Poor o, getting absolutely 0 recognition lol


Oh. I’m on this thing apparently. Is the speed the average level up on wkstats? Mine is 6 days, 20 hours.


Warco, Level: 4, Speed: Unknown

Just joined back onto WK, and booted myself back to 4, hopefully this will keep my motivation up!


Welcome back. I remember you


welcome back

also the hall of cake is growing! magnificent :slight_smile:


Do we have new updates? :wink:


am now level 47 whooo! Levelling up at full speed did not work out because of life, but I’m still leveling regularly. I signed up for the jlpt so I would like to get to 50 at least (should be possible lol)


Hit level 25 late last night, so I’ve officially passed the point where I quit both times before when I did WK. :tada::confetti_ball:
Now onwards to hell and beyond! :muscle:


Hello, Narwhals. :smiley: I figured since I’m closing to finally leveling up after three months (ish?), I should put myself back in the race. がんばろうーー!


whooo someone active again! lol