Race to the Cake 🍰



This pretty much summarize it


Nah, is not that hard… The lessons from lvl 27 are more overwhelming imo.
Just don’t err a single one.

You’ll do it,


That made me laugh. It wouldn’t be so bad except this World Cup watching is taking too much of my time! Luckily there are no more matches until Friday.

So the cake is more punishment from level 27. Can’t wait! Japanese such an easy language to learn!


Is your favorite flavor!!

… This just got intense
we’re three on level 28 now


I’m peddling as fast as I can! :biking_man:


I think you mean pedaling :eyes:
Well, except if you are actually selling those kanjis in the street…


I think you are correct. I always get those two confused. This may help explain why my WK percentage correct is going downhill fast (like a bike with no breaks). Kidding!


OK, made it to Level 27. That was somewhat nerve-wracking.


@riverpuppy hey :wink: I finally overtook you, it took me some time but in 5 to 10 levels I will considerably slow down (probably, if I follow the plan xD)

@ploopy1000 now I’m coming for you, bwuahhaa prepare the cake :cake:


Nice! I finally have a break in my classes so I’m off of vacation mode as of last night. Time to catch up!







I’m the cuter one, obviously.


Mehehehe… Jokes on you, I just leveled up! And I’m planning on going at a… moderate pace now!

You’ll never take me alive!!!



Finally got to 29!!

And seems that I’m now number 3 in my group!
Naph-senpai, notice me kyaaa~~

I wanted to share what I found about a kanji on my current level because it was mindblowing for me


so… theres a boat… and what in ancient chinese represented someone with a long neck, meaning someone haughty or with high spiritis… it is a phonetic component and as such gives the idea of something stiff that goes from side to side.
Along with the boat this kanji used to represent the idea of using boats as a pontoon bridge, as in the video below

Because of this early meaning it latter acquired the sense of crossing through water, or navigation and voyage.

I loved it




I’ve reached level 28, still (ahem) pedalling as fast as I can, but currently stumbling through a lot of verbs with kunyomi readings that I can’t seem to remember, and I still haven’t cleared my kaniwani backlog, which is frightening. Now that the world cup is finishing, I should have time to power through it.

Also, at work, I just finished making a website for hot weather safety tips. And that was taking more time than it should have. Curious onlookers can check it here.


Yes, please!

Looks amazing!! what tools did you use? I’d love to learn



I built it using WordPress with Enfold theme.


OK, made it to 29 today. May the good times never end!

What’s that? I’m nearing the end of Death and the beginning of Hell? Bring it on!


Oh, your post somehow reminds me I am due to change color.
Buuut, it’s a bit late now, so I’ll think about it tomorrow.