Quick questions from newbie

I’m new to the site, recently got my hands on first batch of actual kanjis (hype), but I have question:
When I learn how to pronounce specific kanji, is it a good practice to learn both On’yomi pronunciations, or one is enough? (I know, stupid question, but I’ve never claimed to be smart)

Also, I have a problem with word power in quizzes: I type riyoku, and I get negative score. Is this problem with software, or should I just type shorter riki. To be honest, riyoku is preferable, because I’ve already matched in my head riyoku with Ryu from Street Fighter and that’s some 'power’full guy.

I’d appreciate some answers. Thanks guys and girls!


Hi and welcome!

When you type Riyoku it shows as りよく
If you type Ryoku it shows as - りょく

That’s really two different things, so it depends on what the vocab/kanji is. You’ll get used to it!

If the system gives you two readings to learn at the same time, its usually because both are often used. But if you don’t want to learn the second reading now, you can wait to learn with the associated vocabulary. Good luck!


Hi! Fellow beginner here. Just wanted to chime in for the 力 problem you seem to be having. Are you typing the reading correctly? りょく works fine, but it needs to be entered as “ryoku” rather than “riyoku”. Basically, if you see the small よ, you’ll know you’ve done it right.

Below is a chart for the compound hiragana, where you can see りょ written out.


Thank you, that was helpful, now I see, that I have to go back to basic!


Thank you for solid answer and chart!


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