Quick IME question

Hi all. I just installed google IME and when doing kamesame reviews, I was asked to type the kanji for hit, [打]. Typing in u would give me う, however, none of the options given to me would give me the 打 symbol. Anyone knows what I did wrong?

You probably have to scroll way down to see it, う is the kun’yomi and is only used as the stem of a verb, so it doesn’t really appear on its own (the IME expects that you type some grammatical text). If you type うつ you should get the right thing directly.

Typing the on’yomi (だ here) normally leads to the character faster because of that.


Type the complete word うつ, then scroll to get to 打つ and delete the つ. The IME only finds whole words.


Eh, sometimes it finds partial ones. The problem is, there are so many possibilities when you only type, for instance, う, and 打つ is by far not the most likely thing (Google thinks) you’re trying to type, Sometimes you get lucky and it is. The more you type, the more Google has to guess from.