Quick grammar question

Can’t quite get my head around this one. Fill in the brackets with 1, 2, 3 or 4

彼の意見( )反対する人はだれもいなかった。

1)にたいする 2)にたいして 3)について 4)についての

I realise it’s either 1) or 2), but to me both options could make sense.


In this sentence 彼の意見にたいする反対する all modifies 人, as in English:

There was no one who disagreed with his opinion.


Here 彼の意見 does not modify 人、as in the slightly odd English:

In response to his opinion, no one disagreed.

My initial thought was 1) にたいする

Any ideas?

My gut says #2, though it’s been a while since I reviewed these extensively.

Is it weird that your avatar makes me irritated? I’m not an Ieyasu fan, heh.

After going over it I think you may be right.

I think me living in Osaka has something to do with it, though I’m hardly a “fan” myself.

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