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So I am starting to get in the grove of this, as I spend a couple of hours on this a day, trying to progress pretty fast. I noticed that the radicals are no issue, as I clean them up pretty quickly. The leveling up depends on how fast I can get 90 percent of the new Kanji to Guru. So my thinking is: Should I just immediately jam the Kanji into my head whenever I get to a new level, so I can progress pretty quickly through them and get to the next level. I don’t mind going fast and getting a lot of vocab on the reviews, ill just get through that. And by Jam them into my head, I mean click ahead and memorize them even before I have the chance too. And review them extra outside of the normal item list.

Is my idea correct? Is this how you progress quickly? I am curious to hear how higher level people get there, and whether they got there fast.

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Yes, you level up when you guru 100% of the radicals and 90% of the level’s kanji.

As you suggested some people will pre-study, usually using the export tool to make an anki deck or something similar.

I think the more common solution is to use the ultimate reorder script to focus down radicals + kanji before doing vocab. This let’s you take care of the critical path while still keeping lessons per day relatively low. Doing around 20 items per day while prioritizing correctly will net ~7 day levels.

There are some people that just do everything they can ASAP. The only constraint in that case ends up being accuracy, but for the users coming from a longer background of Japanese study this isn’t really an issue.

Personally I use the reorder and I’ve started doing writing practice on kanji I struggle with. I’ve found using an override on radicals/kanji below guru isn’t really a problem and usually helps me learn items without stress. Around level 14 or so when the radicals drop off it gets much easier as you get access to most of the kanji on level and have more time to guru them.

This may be a dumb question, but how do I use the ultimate reorder script? Is that a 3rd party API thing?

Yes, here it is

For the first 45 levels it isn’t necessary to cram all the Kanji in the first day.
Clearing your Kanji lessos as soon as your radicals are guru’d is just as quick.

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Yeah. Most of the scripts work via tampermonkey/greasemonkey addons for web browsers. Looks like Heiopei has the relevant script linked above.

If you’re not familiar with userscripts in general there’s a big list and general instructions here that might be of interest.

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