Learning rapidly

I don’t wanna act smart but now I’m using an efficient pattern of learning, I learn really rapidly, just hit lv19 almost half kanji down, I want to be able to hit my other levels every 3-4 days.

I wasted 2.5 years doing nothing, lack of motivation, or really try to force remember now everything goes more smoothly.



Levels take at least 6 days 22 hours, but good job getting into the swing!


Hmm, weird because the kanji I learned 3 days ago are almost max level, only 1 review left.

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You need to learn a certain percentage of kanji on that level before you level up. Usually juuuust enough kanji are “hidden” behind the radicals that you have to learn first. So you won’t level up until that “second wave” of kanji is guru’d as well.

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Have you unlocked all the kanji for your level? If you still have radicals that aren’t at Guru you probably still have kanji to learn.

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Yea thats true, but not all kanji has to be max to lvl up.

Yeah, but 90% do, which usually means you need to guru all but three or four kanji. Since usually around a third of the kanji for a level are unlocked after the radicals are guru’d you still have to wait for the radicals to guru. There are some exceptions to this, i.e the fast levels, but those aren’t until level 40 or so.


Dude, I feel like rather than conversing here you should just go read the beginner’s guide. Seems like you may have some misconceptions… My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 ) - #2 by jprspereira
Any questions you have afterwards we will happily answer.

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Yes, you need three days to get an item to guru, but you unlock radicals and some kanji and some vocab at the start of a level, then as you guru the first radicals and kanji, you unlock the rest of the kanji and more vocab. Then when you guru those new kanji (all but 3) you can level up.

Others have already pointed this out, but I think the fastest you can go is ~7 days.

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