Question about bookclubs

hello i just started and was wondering how does the book club work? do you guys stream and read?


Everybody reads on their own and discusses in the relevant thread.

It’s possible to join in later or read ahead if you like, it’s just a place for discussion and help, really. There can be vocab lists and useful resources, you can ask questions if you don’t get something or just want to check your understanding, and it helps in setting a sort of schedule for yourself because there’s a general planning for when to read which chapters.

I suppose there’s always the possibility to organise something like a simultaneous reading or a group call or whatever, but that’s going to be on the people in the book club.


Sometimes there are discord groups for reading aloud in a group. I personally have nightmares about the idea itself, but many like it. Though for sure the absolute beginner club didn’t have one for the past while.


Yeah, currently it’s only spinoff groups who’re doing regular live readings.

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There’s also this guide to book club: Tips for Running a WaniKani Book Club

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