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I’m trying to find other websites to use to learn Japanese. I am a full-time student (5 classes on top of homework and study) and a part time job to help pay for rent, books, and food. I take about an hour a day to specifically learn Japanese. Within the next 4 years, I need to be fluent enough to converse in Japanese and my school doesn’t offer any classes. What are my best options to learning more of Japanese than just the kanji, and at the cheapest price possible, preferably free if possible? I’m using WaniKani, planning to pool money to get membership.

The Japan foundation has some free online courses which are pretty good. They even have tutor supported classes sometimes with video conference lessons. The next one coming up is for Hungarian speakers, which may or may not be useful to you, however the self study courses are pretty good. They have a placement test so you can judge your level.


There are some youtube channels that explain specific grammar points, like Japanese Ammo, and others that I can’t think of now.

There is the Tae Kim’s guide to grammar, which is also free.

3A network (minna no nihongo) has free audio exercise apps (and for a couple euro’s you get the script, too)

Also check out the Free resources list somewhere on these forums

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@Varnarian, If your goal is conversation, then you’ll need to focus on listening and speaking skills, as well as understanding and using basic grammar. After you’ve done a bit of studying, I’d recommend looking for a conversation partner or tutor (either online or in person). and are some good places to look online.

Also, consuming Japanese media can help train your ear, but to get the most out of it, I think it helps to know something about Japanese already, and treat it as an active study tool, not just passive entertainment.

As for free/cheap resources, don’t forget to check at libraries and used book stores! If you can find Pimsleur Japanese at your library, that might be a good option for you.


Thanks for providing the link!

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There’s this thread too but the previous one is probably more current. I’d recommend scrolling to the bottom though to see more things people have posted.

I started learning Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji as I am fond of learning new things. I am an absolute beginner in Japanese and always in search of alternative resources to keep my learning sharp. This is a fantastic resource for me, and thanks for mentioning it here.

Where do you find, this I tried the 3a website and the App Store but couldn’t find anything other than some Vietnamese apps for learning japanese?

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Made by company InPeria. I can attach the Playstore link

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Thanks. Apple AppStore links for those that need them.


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