Question about “Japanese Only” sections


I was browsing the beginner section and noticed it was only staff creating discussion threads. It also mention that staff will help you in expressing yourself.

Are members (Non-staff) also allowed to start conversations in Japanese?

Thank you.

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Yes, it’s perfectly fine.
The difference between the two is that people are supposed to use simpler language on the beginner version and English is tolerated (if you don’t know how to say something, need to ask for clarification, etc).
Among other differences, threads in the beginner category aren’t visible without an account (and thus are not indexed by Google) and closes very fast (the time limit on those is 4 days I think?). If you need more time, I’d recommend posting in the advanced category.

Edit: here’s a random thread created by a regular user in the beginner category:

Edit2: I got which one is not visible from Google wrong. The beginner category is public, the advanced one is not.


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