Pygospa's Study Log

2023年8月15日です、time for the review of the last week. That week was complicated and busy; I had a very busy Wednesday and Thursday, and a days of from Friday to Monday, due to this years M’Era Luna Festival. But that didn’t let me stop doing my reviews, and even lessons, as you can see in my updated calendar view. As I was doing my reviews on the smartphone, I had to add them manually, so I made a lot of screenshots to remember how many reviews I did – and just in case someone says: “Pic or didn’t happen”: I’ve got you covered :sweat_smile:

(Me in our tent on the festival location, doing my reviews and lessons!)

I didn’t do anything else, though (i.e. KaniWani), and I didn’t pay the best of attentions on my lessons. One of them (不) was not included in the session where I learned all the other remaining Kanji, so that one will hold me back on leveling, now. Which is a shame, but even gets worse because once I realized (I think it was in a break between to concerts), I did another lesson, but it didn’t stick well, so I made a mistake on it two times now -.- This will let me level up the earliest in 2 day, on Thursday.

This might also explain my Reading accuracy getting worse; it dropped ~2%. But hey, I only had such a high value here due to my reset anyways, and it would be a bad sign if my accuracy was still that good (i.e. then I could have probably just kept on doing my reviews).


On the plus side, I’ve got my first Mastery level items; 23 of 25 radicals of level 1 (I unfortunately screwed up 九 [my fingers where to fast, typing kiu which became きう and I only saw the mistake in the same second I pressed Enter -.- ], and 七 [after learning 匕 and not paying attention when I was presented with 七 thinking it was another of the Apprentice reviews for spoon -.-]). But more important than that, my first 14 Kanji are also in master (I don’t remember when, why and how I screwed up the Kanjis 七, 二, and 八 which are still in Guru, but I painfully remember that yesterday I mistook 力 for 刀, which got then bumped back to Apprentice. Shame. Japanese has a lot of these “false friends”, and you need to pay attention to every detail and double check before hitting enter).

Still I am pretty happy with my total of 37主 levels :wink: and looking forward to the next items, because it makes my background even more colorful! There’s now a friendly purple between all the shades of grey and blue :slight_smile:

My plans for this week:

  1. Level up to level 5.
  2. Get more Items into Mastery (a lot of Vocabulary on Level 1, as well as the Radicals and Kanji on level 2 will get their next reviews on Thursday or Saturday, so I expect a lot of purple :smiley: ).
  3. Try out an alternative to KaniWani; I will keep on using KaniWani, just in case I end up liking it better, but meanwhile I’d also like to check out KameSame, which is unfortunately not open source, but other than that seems pretty active in development and interaction and has a bunch of interesting features (most important - as KW it can be linked with WK; but other than that it handles the problem of same-meaning Kanji more gracefully, has audio support, etc. – and could be used even beyond WaniKani with curated lists of additional vocabulary, etc.). Hopefully at the end of this week I will have one system I want to keep using, and then I’ll try using both of them without missing any reviews and evaluate if and how this could fit into my schedule.

That’s it for this week - see you on ~Sunday :slight_smile: