Proxy items at CD Japan

I ended up just ordering from the other site that was mentioned in this topic. So much easier to just buy from a site with items listed instead of having to go back and forth on it via email. Might cost a bit more, but I’m fine with that for the convenience. Hopefully the quality is good.


Hope it goes well - I think the proxy service(s) is/are best suited for items you can’t get elswehere, where the hassle is worth it since there is no alternative OR it’s the cheapest way and the savings are worth the faff.


Huh, I hadn’t heard of this site before, and dang they have lots of older Prince of Tennis CDs that aren’t available on anymore. If I can’t find the physical CDs during my trip to Japan in the spring, I’ll probably be spending a pretty penny here after, haha. Thank you for the heads up!

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