Proposal: Change 噌's meaning from "boisterous" to "miso"

噌, as far as I can tell, is only used in 味噌, or other words that contain 味噌. Therefore, I think “miso” as a meaning would be a lot more helpful for 味噌.


かまびすしい. Typing in the Kunyomi with Google IME really come up. I haven’t seen the word myself, though.

Yomichan also doesn’t pick up. Probably rather かまびすしい.

It’s likely that the word “miso” comes from 未醤みしょう. Haven’t been able to work out why the kanji changed to 味噌, but it’s probably some sort of ateji simplification. Point is, the 噌 doesn’t mean “miso”. You might call a WaniKani radical “miso” if that appeared as a radical, but the kanji meanings are supposed to be real.

Besides, you’ve never noticed how boisterous miso soup is? :stuck_out_tongue: