Progression slower than before?

Is it just me or since from level 8, until now I’ve been progressing 2 or 3 times slower than I was progressing before? I feel that I should already have been on level 12 or 13, for the time I spent. Is the progression slower as we progress, or only some levels, or is it just me?

You level up when you Guru 90% of the kanji on your current level. If you’ve been making mistakes (especially on the last review before a kanji levels up) it will take longer to level up. Another reason could be if you are doing lessons or reviews at a slower pace.


I think I’ve seen that people tend to slow down a bit as reviews start to pile up. The quicker you were in the beginning, the faster your reviews will pile up. So your workload is higher… so you slow down. It makes sense.

It’s okay to go slow… I’m part of Team Taking It Slow. ^^;


I have slowed down quite a bit too! About a 50% increase in level time. I think my causes are:

  • more “visually similar” kanji/radicals
  • getting overwhelmed by too many “apprentice” items (I let it get to 200 once, oops)
  • went from reviewing 4+ times a day to 1-2
  • not spending as much time during the lessons
  • trying to cram too many lessons in at once (one time I tried to do 70 in a sitting)

Most of those are fixable by changing my approach, so I’d encourage you to also play around with your technique to see what balance of convenience to effort works for you on these levels!

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