I feel like I am progressing slower than at the beginning?

I am not sure how to describe it. Here are my wk stats:

It says I am right on target as usual but it feels like I am going slower than before? 66 days / 8 is about 8.25 days per review but now I am hitting 9.5?

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We all hit a level that takes us longer than others. Level 7 is one of those levels for many people. Hang in there.


First levels are fast levels so it will probably mess with the average since.


before lvl 10 you barely scratched the surface of the mountain of kanji you will study later levels. Dont worry!

For me, lvl 12 and 21 were the worst for me, then I keep up the pace and continued with no problems.


There are 9226 items. When you have done 9226 lessons, you will be level 60 and done with lessons. Don’t worry about levels, their only function is to prevent you from going too fast and burying yourself. They’re not a good measure of how you’re doing.

If your accuracy is in the 90s and you’re doing lessons, you’re winning.


The first few level have shorter SRS intervals so that skews the average

As ctmf has said, don’t fret on the pace, just keep moving forward

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