Progress Trickled After Subscription

Hi, I just subscribed around 4 days ago after maxing Level 3. My progress bar indicator is grey despite getting apprentice on some level 4 items.

I am not sure if this is connected to the lessons as well. There have been no new lessons and the reviews have trickled down as well.


Can you post a screenshot?
Did you get any radicals or kanji to guru?

Your progress bar only fills when you guru items from a given level. You haven’t done that yet, if I understand you correctly.

Okay, so I need to guru some items first. I don’t know the normal rate for the reviews though. I’ve answered the Kanji item for “Machi” correctly every single time but it’s still at Apprentice. I’ll just have to wait for the new reviews to be over and give you feedback again.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll wait for a day or two and guru several items and circle back.

Levels 1 and 2 are faster than normal, they have short gaps between reviews, but the number of correct answers needed to reach guru is always 4 (assuming no setbacks). Starting at level 3, the process to guru goes Lesson > 4 hours > 8 hours > 23 hours > 47 hours

Okay. Thanks. I’ll holler if something isn’t within those standards. I guess I’m just so excited at learning as much as I can in the shortest time possible.

If you are willing to install userscripts, you can monitor and understand your progress in better detail.

[Dashboard Progress Plus]

[Ultimate Timeline]

[Dashboard Level Progress Detail]

For details on installing userscripts:
[3rd-party apps, requests, and instructions]

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Thanks. Will read up on those.

I’ll see about releasing my dashboard userscript that @rfindley mentioned.

I posted it: Userscript: Dashboard Level Progress Detail (srs stages on progress bars).

Ahh, I didn’t realize it was [before now] unreleased. I’ve only been skimming the forums lately. Trying to get my new script versions done :slight_smile:

No problem. It’s thanks to you , @rfindley, that I have the shared script stuff working. :slight_smile:

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Looks like I jumped the gun too hard. It’s working and new lessons appeared after I guru’d the radicals for level 4. Thanks and my apologies for fretting over something that is normal.

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