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Can anyone think of a time or link to where the one box preview doesn’t show the login page? Like this:

I’m asking around on Discourse Meta if there’s a way to preview the right content, but if there’s not we can always ask the WaniKani staff to blacklist the site to never show previews. But I wanted to make sure we wouldn’t be taking away useful previews before requesting that.

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I’m guessing you already know why it does this, but if not:

The Discourse daemon follows links to try to obtain information to populate the Onebox (i.e. the Preview). Since the links are behind the paywall, Wanikani forwards those accesses to the login page.

Technically, Wanikani could solve it by serving the inside link (i.e. the link behind the paywall) if the request is coming from the Discourse IP address (wherever the Discourse daemon runs). Or, at least, just serve a minimal page containing the OpenGraph tags that Discourse uses.

To solve it on the Discourse side, there would have to be some way for Discourse to get authorized access to WK. I imagine that would require a plugin for Discourse, unless Onebox has an API for authorized access.

Yep, I’m aware. :slight_smile:

I did ask about a way for Discourse/One Box to get authorized access to WaniKani. So far no response on that, but maybe someone will have an idea for how to do that.

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