Pressing next on mobile is awkward

After you enter your answer you can press enter on the keyboard to see if you were correct (browser in android) but to get to the next Kanji you have to reach all the way up to press the little black arrow. This is because the keyboard disappears so you can’t just press enter again to move to the next page. It would be really nice to have a large button at the bottom of the page to go to the next kanji.

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You didn’t specify which mobile, but if Android you really, really, really want Flaming Durtles.

It is amazingly well featured. For apple devices, can’t help ya.


Tsurukame is the ios app

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From the post, I believe @TwoCanVanDam is actually speaking of using the native WK website in a browser app, like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

Am I right in assuming this?

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