Practice production with any anime/drama/other video


Hey everyone,

In my own language learning I've had trouble finding good ways to practice actually speaking. So, I made a website for practicing speaking in a fun way. While watching any video from YouTube or your computer, the system will transcribe and translate what you say and make a record of it for later practice.

If you do spaced repetition, there's also an Anki addon that allows you to sync cards from the site to an Anki deck.

The site is still pretty early in development, so there are sure to be bugs and missing features, but I would love to hear what you all think!


Ohh this looks really neat, I’ll have to try it out when I get home!


This looks interesting.  What tools are you using for transcription?

Also, are you allowed/willing to talk about your research?


I always wanted to talk like a 声優


Not sure I’m doing it rite - I’m 95% certain I said 京都 as my initial control.

(In all seriousness, I hadn’t plugged my headphones in yet - so the mic input would have been indistinguishable).


Thanks to those who have tried it!

I’d be happy to talk about the research. What would you like to know? At the moment, the project is mostly exploratory, so I just want to see whether it’s something that people want to use, and what aspects are important. But, there are some cool language learning things we could study if enough people use it, which I could chat more about if you’re interested.

As for the transcription, I’m currently just using the speech recognition built into some web browsers. I’ve tried some other recognition engines, but the quality isn’t really any different and this way we don’t need to pay for each transcription. 


Nice. Thanks for this link. Will try it soon. ~frankiebluej