Ppl in NYC: Anyone know of a good place to meet native Japanese speakers to practice speaking?

I know its a stretch since the topic only applies to a small group of people but anyone know of a good place to meet native Japanese speakers in NYC?

The only place I know in NYC for anything like this is maybe Japan Society?
Also, if anyone visited Japan Society in nyc, how was it?


It probably won’t help you much… But you also turn on location on HelloTalk and see who’s around NY (you can actually do this on the app). This way, you can easily see who is actively studying English and would enjoy having a language exchange partner.

Oh that’s a good idea, will try that out. thanks

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I’m not in New York, but this site seems to have quite a lot of people looking for exchange partners in New York.

You could also try meetup.com and search for group Japanese exchanges there.

Thanks for the links!

The Japan Society is probably your best bet. Unless you just want to walk around the easy village and walk into every Japanese place.

Beyond that, the place where I dance always has a lot of Japanese students because it’s famous in Japan for some reason.

Check out JKuru on meetup/ Facebook site. It’s the largest language exchange meetup in NY! You can meet Japanese people who want to learn Englishand vice versa. Hope this helps!

Japan Society is a good resource. Depending on where you live the location is a bit of a pain in the neck to get to though. It can also be expensive for both the instruction and for the events.

I take language lessons at Tenri which is in the West Village near The New School.

Tenri’s language and cultural program is completely secular, but it’s affiliated with the Tenrikyo religion.

Tenri Cultural Institute

Almost all the staff there and all the instructors are native Japanese speakers.

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