Possible to use actual radical names?



Is it possible to use the actual radical names, instead of nicknames like “gun” or “stick”? That’s cute, but I do not think that’s the direction I want to take my personal studies.


You can add synonyms for radicals, kanji, or vocab either on the item’s page or when reviewing it. You can’t add them the first time you see it though - has to be a review. I think there’s a userscript that lets you add them during the lesson.

A warning, though - the site’s mnemonics are all based on their names for the radicals, so you’d have to make up all of your own mnemonics (which would probably stick better with you anyways, but some people like to have the structure already in place). It bugs me a little that WK doesn’t use the traditional radical names for a lot of things, but their versions can be helpful too, especially as they have the related mnemonics in place should you choose to use them.


Thanks for your original question. You might want to look at these.






Most of the radicals don’t actually have names, they’re just parts.

Hell, the actual radicals mainly just have descriptions rather than “names”, 手偏 literally just means “Left Side Hand Radical” and 三水 just means “three waters”.


Wow what a wonderful community, this definitely makes me want to pay $300 so I can study along side this super friendly people.


You get used to this lovely dysfunctional family, though you raised a question I hadn’t even thought of. I did a quick google search and found this:


Now, after using Wani for almost a couple of months and after reading through the list of “proper” names, I realised that actually the posters have a point. Radicals don’t actually have any defined name or state. Also, I guess with the mnemonic based system, it means gritting your teeth through silly names because it sticks out in your mind. It’s a means to an end at the end of the day. Essentially, you’ll be able to read and understand the kanji, even if you started learning it with silly terms like “raptor cage”.

After finding the link I just posted, I’ll be applying it to what I’ve learnt from Wani to better understand the roots of the words but I do sympathise with your thoughts.


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Maybe I’m just tired of the Level 1 know-it-alls complaining about things they understand nothing about. On Level 1 you know jack about the direction WK is taking, or why it is built that way. If you think you are smarter than people who took this direction and reached level 60 without turning into nailbat wielding, boobgrave searching maniacs just because you have heard of radicals once, you are wrong.


Did he seriously delete his account because someone pointed out that he asked a question that has been asked before?


Pasting fifty links seems to be quite effective in killing this topic, maybe I should prepare a cleaner version :wink:

Why do some links turn into summaries and other don’t?


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Isn’t it even a little bit cool that both boob and poop are palindromic words? I guess I’ve just never aged out of potty humor. But hey, even if they annoy you, the fact that they get a strong reaction out of you should make them stronger as mnemonic devices.

Also, if you really, really can’t stand those mnemonics, you can make your own for those radicals and add them as synonyms.


Wait a goddamn second! Boobgrave is a fake radical name?! Why would anyone hate the fake radical names?!


Sorry you had to learn about it this way. Maybe your parents should have told you earlier.

I see it more like this: you are trying to build a cathedral, and constantly people show up who complain that the scaffolding is an eyesore and does not match the color scheme of the cathedral, the scaffolding hides the shape of the cathedral and is totally useless because it will not be not part of the finished cathedral. The truth is: the scaffolding doesn’t matter, it’s only temporarily, but an effective one helps to build faster. “Real” radicals are an entirely different matter.