Possible to contact a WK user? / Practicing as psychiatrist in japan

Hey, this is my first post here so I hope I am not violating any rules.
To put it shortly: I am a physician (recently graduated from med school) and will be starting my psychiatry residency in a few months. I thought practicing as a specialist in Japan is not possible without starting over (still might be) and was just randomly searching on the internet for information and found a post here on WK of a fellow psychiatry resident (apparently even from the same country) looking for similar answers. I would like to contact this person and ask for their experiences. But the post is closed ( Started my journey hopefully to work as a doctor in Japan ) and I could not find a way for contacting someone on WK. So if there is a way, could someone tell me. Also I will just tag the person in hope they see this post. @tsundokurey if that even works. Aside from this, any kind of information about validating medical license/ residency are welcome! Thanks for your time.


Hello :wave:
I would love to help you with you questions if ı know them. Can you write me from discord my username is same. I’m a little busy for a few days but ı will reply as soon as possible :blush:


Have you checked Reddit yet? I’ve seen this topic brought up before and they said the hardest part is writing the licensing exam in Japanese and getting a hospital to hire you. I assume it’s really hard for foreign doctors but still doable because people like Dr :hamburger: are practicing?

Just searched this up and it explains in detail how to become licensed in Japan. Apparently you can also work without being licensed.

The working conditions in Japan are really bad though, my friends are nurses and its really affecting their mental/physical health :confused:

Thanks for the reply and the reddit link!
I only have some general knowledge about the process before residency but I do not know if it is possible to validate my specialty in any way.
And yeah the working conditions makes me hesitate most.