Just wanted to share a small achievement of today

I’m currently living in Japan as an exchange student. Today I had to go to the doctor because of thyroid related issues, and I made an appointment online earlier this week.
I’ve been nervous about it all week, since I live in the Inaka and I can’t rely on doctors and staff speaking English, so I knew I had to do it all in Japanese. I get nervous enough going to doctor in my own home country, but doing it all in a language I’m not yet fluent in… boooohhhhaaaaa was I anxious haha.
But thankfully all went well, I almost understood everything they told me and what I had to do next, even at the pharmacy everything went completely smooth.
Shoutout to my Japanese comprehension skills for not failing me today!!

That’s all. I needed to talk about this minor language related W somewhere haha


That’s huge! Congratulations!


That is AMAZING! Way to go!!!


Thank you sm!!!


Yes I’m so proud of myself haha I was really treading this appointment but it all went well


Those first interacts are the hardest. So keep it up!


Oh it’s by far my first interaction as I’ve been around native Japanese people and friends for more than half a year now, but all this medical environment really had me intimidated :joy: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Necessity is the best motivator when it comes to listening comprehension :sweat_smile:.

I’ve had similar experiences visiting the doctor in Japan, and it’s amazing how much more I understand when my health is on the line. Also a lot of doctors will know at least some English so they can usually help you out if you don’t completely understand, so you don’t need to stress too much. Better to put your pride on the line rather than your health.


that is true, tho it was a routine thing for me and I already knew what the usual procedures were and what they would need to know, hence why I was dead-set on doing it all in Japanese :smile:
But generally agreed, I wouldn’t dare to argue against that.


Pharmacies and doctors are intimidating for me even in other English speaking countries…

But it’s worth the anxiety. I’d never have discovered 正露丸 if I hadn’t. I’ve been carrying a bottle of that in my shaving kit on business trips for many years now. It’s saved me on more than one occasion!


I’m on my 5th month here and had to take my son in for a persistent fever. They were totally nice and helped out a ton. I’m feeling better about going but man is it a lot.

Hello Rorioko,

Great job! I have been living here for 20 plus years and I still get scared about going to the doctor’s by myself. I still rely on my wife on the first appointment and usually have the luxury (not really because I should be fluent by now) of finding a doctor who can speak English. Or I rely on my Pocket Talk. I look up to you. I hope someday I can learn this language that is so hard for me. Plus I need to study more. I just seem to collect all kinds of Japanese books and software and then get bored after a month or two. I don’t have the self-discipline to stick with it, unfortunately.


Blimey, turtle52, you sound just like me!

Well, Marcus, you are four levels higher than I. Congrats on that. I started last December. Was going strong for a good 2 or 3 months but then got hit with Covid and was hospitalized for over a week. So, that slowed me down. But, I did get my TEFL/TESOL last month in-class which was 120 hours of classroom work. So, I at least accomplished that goal. Need to get back to Japanese. I just bought the lifetime deal to RS, not sure if brands are allowed. Keep working at it and I will too. Good luck.


Thank you and good luck to you too!

I have avoided seeing a dentist for a check- up for years now since moving to japan :grimacing:…similar to you… due to hating dentist appointments, high anxiety and general indecisiveness and my language skills not feeling good enough for it I have repeatedly put off booking an appointment… This Christmas I am finally going home for a bit and will see someone… I hope :crossed_fingers: I haven’t left it too long …:pleading_face:

Anyway Congrats!! These things ARE SOMETHING to celebrate!!

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