[POLL] Furigana for Locked Kanji/Vocab in Context Sentences

Most of us understand by now all the arguments with respect to not having furigana on a site that is designed to teach Kanji.

So here we are specifically polling for furigana for all the Kanji/Vocab that has not yet been taught by WaniKani, i.e locked content

@koichi, @viet

  • Furigana on Locked Content (YES)
  • Furigana on Locked Content (NO)

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Like having 山 instead of ふじ山 in the vocabulary when you only learned 山 ?

I like it.


Yeah furigana for kanji we don’t know yet would be great. Maybe it’ll be considered after we get 3 context sentences for each vocab.

Then, after thinking a bit about it…
I would like that, but I know already several kanji, and it feels strange to me all those almost kana-only examples.

However, I can understand how a new learner can be distracted or intimidated if too much unknown kanji appear right from the beginning.

So, if it is ever implemented, it should be a switchable option.

Maybe even using a numeric variable, to tell how much future levels should be considered to be shown with kanji+furigana.
It could be:

  • 0 : as now, no “unlocked” kanji shown at all
  • 1 : unlocked ones from the next level appearing with furigana
  • 2 : from the next and the one after
  • 3 : from the next 3 levels…
    and so on.

So, people liking to use that could get some passive exposure of future kanji.

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I think Bunpro handles this really nicely. It has the option of only displaying the furigana for a kanji if you click on it.


I’d rather have audio recording than furigana


Audio recording would be great but if you compare the complexity and cost, adding furigana is clearly within reach. I use a browser extension to look up vocab on hover but that’s only on a desktop. For doing lessons on mobile it’d be useful to have furigna natively. And there should be on option to hide/disable it as well.


Yes, and by default when used with the WK API Bunpro only shows furigana for unlocked content similar to what is being polled for here; in fact I actually had Bunpro in mind as I created this poll.


This request for audio recordings addresses a different issue (listening skills) and distracts from the feature request being made here for everyone (reading skills)


If I remember correctly the context sentences only recently—like 6-12 months ago—went through a rewrite to make it so they didn’t use kanji that wasn’t at your level yet, as this was something people had been complaining about for a while.

Though I think ultimately it’s hard to make natural sounding sentences that only use the vocabulary in the first few levels, hence:

We have a plan that will replace the context sentences with something more useful down the line. It should solve this issue quite well while giving you a bit more utility. It’s a ways out, but in the meantime doing something with context sentences would just delay it, so please put up with them for now :pray:


He speaks!

He hath maketh an appearance!


Thanks for taking notice and for your reply @koichi
The poll results are conclusive I think you’ll agree; so having a solution sooner rather than later is definitely being called for by your users here.

What browser extension do you use for vocab?

Rikaichamp on Firefox

There are similar extensions for Chrome.

Far superior because it uses real voice.

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Currently (200508):

89% are positively for Furigana on Locked Content (YES)

That’s over 8 to 1 wanting this now already.
@koichi @viet take note (please).

I think they have

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