Did they just give up on example sentences?

Fair enough, and for the most part, I agree with your sentiment.
I was under the impression that they always provided three sentences from the get-go, not that they were a bonus added in later before I became a user.

If any of the developers reads this, I hope my question didn’t come across as a scathing attack on their work ethic. I appreciate this program for what it is, and it has well exceeded the expectations I had for it a few months ago.


I am a bit sad that I will soon be reaching the end of example sentence utopia, because I do feel that they add a lot of value. That being said, I can certainly see why it is not a priority. I’ve worked on creating a course for Duolingo, and creating thousands of example sentences that are supposed to sound natural and be instructive is difficult, borderline soul-crushing work.

… and, as others have suggested, there are alternatives out there. On top of Weblio, which I use quite a lot, another good resource is Youglish, which searches YouTube subtitle files for the word you’re looking for, thus giving the additional benefit of listening practice. You usually won’t get translations, but I suppose one can think of that as kicking off the training wheels.


If they ever rework the sentences/add more of them it would be amazing if they tried to make them more like n+1 sentences. :slight_smile:


Whose n+1? If you don’t know any grammar they are all n+∞.


Man, I have underestimated just how helpful this community is, lol.

I’ve been playing around with Youglish for a minute, and it seems like a dope asset that I haven’t heard anyone mention until now.
Thanks a million


OH that’s even semi-recent!

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Thanks for digging. In retrospect, I probably should’ve done a bit more searching in the forums before posting.


Yeah but I bet that is etoeto so it will be at least 2 millenia before we will receive it.


Funny enough I’m more inclined to read the example sentence when it’s just one instead of three.


Here’s the thing though, there is some random vocab here and there post lvl 20 that have 3 sentences.

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Is it items that may have been reordered? As far as I understand they sometimes move items to different level.

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If there are 3 sentences per vocab item it wouldn’t be impossible to add the new word and one new grammar point every couple of sentences/once in a while. It doesn’t even have to be perfect or anything. I think it’s fair to start off using plainます form and work from there. There are already Anki decks that do this exact thing.

But WaniKani isn’t a grammar learning site.


It doesn’t have to be. It still uses different points of grammar in it’s example sentences. And it even starts easy and ramps the complexity up already.

I have encountered this numerous times, although they are few and far between, perhaps one in every 50 items?

Clearly not.

Did you see this?

Maybe people expect that original response to mean that WaniKani is going to remove context sentences if they move something.

If you see an item with more than 1 context sentence after level 20 it is not because they have started adding more to the ones after level 20. That’s the point. If that changes, it’ll likely happen all at once in an update they announce.


I did see it, but it was a question not a provision of information. I’m guessing you’re confirming it?

They could at least not use untaught kanji in their sentences.


Yeah, that’s reasonable. The sentences that are convoluted with a lot of untaught kanji are the original sentences from before they thought these things through. For words that now have three sentences, 1-2 of them make sure not to use untaught kanji.