Podcast recommendations?

+1 for teppei, maybe not for everyone but for sure most entertaining learners podcast to me and I’ve listened to a ton including every episode ever of teppei

A couple new recommendations in this chain though for me so thanks will check them out.


Each and every one? He has like 5 channels now :smile: I think I’ve only listened to the intermediate ones, which do add to about 800 episodes, though.

@Roxcell Teppei also has an intermediate one, when you want to try it out.

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All except beginners. Only did that for awhile but don’t keep up with that. The rest though yeah I listen to all the new ones each week. I do italki with him as well, he’s funny

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May i ask what are the names of his other channels?
What does Nihongo con Teppei Z and Shinjiku style mean? Are they beginners too? Does he have other beginning podcast? After 2 days and lots of headaches im at episode 108. There were a lot where i only understand some words, some where i understood only 50% and some where i understood about 80% so immersion is definitely needed and more studying.

I think they are all listed at his Patreon page.

The Z is just a joke on Dragonball Z. He had to migrate his podcast due to some server problems so he kind of gave it a new “spin”; it’s a continuation of the intermediate one. I think at some point he made podcasts from Shinjuku so it’s just a funny thing to say.

Keep at it! I think listening to him really let me overcome some huge obstacles in comprehension when I was struggling :slight_smile: He has a great learning filosofy.


I have had a really hard time finding “podcasts” as we know them in the west. But I did discover most shows have “ラジオ” programs that are basically podcasts for promoting airing shows. Its a good motivating tool because if you like the show already you’ll be familiar with the topics too. Which makes listening much easier.

To find these just go on youtube, type the show’s title in Japanese + ラジオ

It’s also common for shows to have abbreviated names, 例:着せ恋ラジオ

I’ve listened to (and still listen to) every podcast recommended in this thread so far, but my favorite by far has not been dropped yet. Can we get some love for Momoko-san?!