Please join my HelloTalk group chat!

Hi guys I made a group chat on HelloTalk for anyone interested. It’s not really that formal, it’s just a place to chat, practice Japanese etc. A few native Japanese people have joined to practice English.

My HelloTalk ID is @lol_kawaiian17_45710
And username is: kawaiian17
Search me up on the app and follow me so I can add you if you’re interested :blush:

The QR code:


I’ve never used HelloTalk consistently, but better late than never.
Edit: My HelloTalk ID is @Nofaith11

Hi, could you please follow me on HelloTalk? The app only lets you add your followers to group chats. Alternatively you could use the QR code. Thank you so much!

I joined the chat yesterday.

Ah ok never mind then. I guess I didn’t check the list hard enough. Sorry

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