Please add the on'yomi reading for 娘 (at some point, maybe!)

I just learned the 娘 (daughter) kanji, which asks for the kunyomi reading. Lately, when Wanikani does this I tend to look up an on’yomi reading and learn that one as well. Then I’ll type that into reviews and use the “shake” response that Wanikani does to check if I’m right.

Anyway, 娘 doesn’t seem to have it’s on’yomi reading added yet. I think adding alternate readings might be a new feature and a work in progress, so no rush!

(Apologies if I’m not supposed to create a new topic for things like this!)


I can see why it wouldn’t be added - I don’t think it appears in many common words, the most common one I can find is probably 娘子(じょうし) but even most compounds use むすめ from what I find (and there’s even 娘子(むすめご) as an alternate reading)

But with that said learning another reading is never a bad thing. Jourm could have a daughter as part of his saga :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Maybe this one is best learned as a sort of “uncommon” reading via a vocab item though.


Doesn’t hurt to add it to the page. And have it shake during reviews.


This happens all the time. When coming across something like this, shoot the WK staff an email directly. It’s the easiest way and you’ll be sure they’ll read it. By just opening a new thread here, it’s not guaranteed. At least you need to hail one of the WK staff (@RachelG, for example), so they’re being made aware of your suggestion. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ll do this from now on


Yes, this is a larger-scale project we’re working on and will take some time to execute, but for now, I’ll get this one added to the readings. Thanks!


Thank you! And thank you to everyone else in this topic!

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