Passing JLPT N1 within 2 years

Btw, i just discovered Torii, which is a free vocab learning tool similar to WK.

It might be a good idea just to learn the N5 vocab in the beginning,
because WK doesn’t teach hiragana vocab, and puts a lot of common vocab toward the end, if it’s there at all. The vocab here is mostly for reinforcing the Kanji after all, and that’s great.

For example, 僕 (ぼく, I) is only at lvl 12, and i hear 確かに (たしかに, certainly, lvl 20) all the time.
Of course, the WK order is to make the kanji easier to learn.

Now, most people already feel the pain to keep up with one SRS system, but personally…
4th parallel SRS, here i go!

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