Overview of thread creation in the reading subcategory

Yes, you’re right. Thanks!

OK, quess I’ll be one of the users that create lots of threads this fall then!


I have 31 threads I think :high_touch:


Me too! :raised_hands:

Notice us, @Naphthalene 先輩 :pleading_face:


Well, my point was more that people suggest club all the time, so I thought previous threads I don’t know about could be there.

Right, I also had others. Kino was my nomination, but that’s it. :thinking:

:eyes: Well, I did put a disclaimer in the OP. I’ll update later.

@FlamySerpent orz sorry, I will add you too!

Actually, I went to hunt down some of the other club proposals I remembered, only to find closed threads without further activity…

Really? Most of those posts are weekly “official” book club discussions created by people in charge of the books. Sideline bookclubs usually don’t get a lot of participants and have less structure => less threads.

For chatting about random books and reading stuff we have the tadoku thread. Random threads also pop up but those should be evenly distributed among active forum users who also like to read.

And regarding people who like to read (and post about it), it seems that’s not too many people.

I’d be curious to see user activity stats in the Reading section. How many users participate at all? How many of those have more than 1 (or a few) post(s)? How many people still post months after their first post?


Mm, I didn’t volunteer because I didn’t believe anyone would be interested, but you know what. Your comment just made me motivated to try Bungou Stray Dogs club. Worst case scenario, nobody joins, right?
I mean, I was feeling intimidated by the big bookclubs, with levels, nominations, voting, where it’s hard for the book to be picked. But if Miscellaneous Book Clubs are being welcome…

Edit: What a coincidence, when I was working on creating a thread, I found your thread where you where asking about this book series from real authors with anime covers :smiley:


They are welcome :slight_smile:
But you’d need to find other readers…

The difference between “official” and other book clubs is that number of participants. And you’re more likely to get help in the one’s with more users. So the official book clubs are good way to get into reading for many people.

And the other book clubs are interest based. You need to find people who are motivated to read because they like the same thing you proposed. Well, that’s more difficult compared to just reading whatever is voted for in the official club.


It’s great that you feel motivated to participate in book club. I will be cheering for you. When I started the Re Zero book club I had no idea how many people would join but I asked and people wanted to read with me so I created it and now it is. It’s not the biggest book club but we have core member and it is really fun to discuss with the others and share what we understood and our theories.
I would like to participate in the bungou stray book club but I do have a lot of book club right now. When you make one can you @ me so I can follow?

I suggest to first check the interest of people like create a thread or go on some other thread that are link to your book club and ask people if they want to join. Then you chose a start date and a time base on polls. It’s nice that you do it because a lot of people want to read stuff but never do anything to make it possible. I had already heard about that book in these threads so you might have already people interested in it.

Yeah I also like bungou stray dog. This anime and another one of the same kind make me wanna start to read these Japanese authors inside the anime.

The Re Zero book club have a lot of structure to it. We have less person following that’s for sure but it’s probably more because of the speed and the difficulty of the book than the other book club.

Yeah sometimes there is not a lot of posts but it happens. You don’t always have a comment on everything but a good way to have some is to start speaking and try to include people in the conversation.


Thanks for the tips!
Well, I didn’t plan starting with creating whole schedule, don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:
I started with polls :smiley:
I already decided on creating a new thread, so I guess instead of @ you I can just link it here: Bungou Stray Dogs - bookclub proposal

I am actually reading them! But I started before watching anime, it was the opposite for me - I was googling some author and I got his anime counterpart pics as a result…
And what is the name of this another anime of the same kind?


Bungou no alchemist. Japanese author must dwell into books to save them from the taint who want to destroy books. To save a book they must let the story unfold as it is supposed to. It’s not the best anime I have ever seen but you can learn about some Japanese author and their book. It is probably made more for female audiences because every character are nice looking men but I watch it anyway.

edit: The story is mostly center around Akutagawa Ryuunosuke and Osamu Dazai.


I have over 40 threads for Aria (since @Naphthalene did the last three volumes). I also had Girls’ Last Tour, Non Non Biyori, and 時をかける少女. Plus of course 獣の奏者 now. All this does add up. :slight_smile:

I haven’t nominated anything for the official book clubs in quite a while though, so I’m only accumulating threads from 獣の奏者 now.


Well, for the Intermediate book club, I can give you this (for nominations prior to the format change, I only took the winners):

User Total nominations Selected Currently nominated
AngelTenshi 7 4 0
Belthazar 4 0 0
daines 1 1 0
Ditto20 5 0 3
elynchbell 2 0 1
JinTanuki 1 1 0
konsei 1 0 0
Kyayna 1 0 0
lantana 1 0 1
Naphthalene 3 1 1
NickNickovich 2 0 2
NicoleRaunch 6 3 2
QuackingShoe 1 1 0
seanblue 1 0 0
sloa123 1 0 0
Sylph 1 1 0

Actually, @AngelTenshi formally made one nomination for me, since I had no time to write it at the time (宝石の国). I had forgotten about that and thought it was my nomination. In the end, it turns out I’m not nominating much :sweat_smile:
@AngelTenshi and @NicoleRauch are the only ones with more than one pick.


By the way, the conspiracy theory line was in relation to the fact we account for 42 % of the total.

I added @FlamySerpent and @Sylph, which pushed the total of notification beyond 10, so I just removed all the @s.

The distribution of the thread counts is a lot more regular now, by the way, so it doesn’t feel strange anymore.

That sounds like a job for your friendly neighborhood @Kumirei.


Oof, I have no active nominations?

Better rustle up another one, then…

Ohhhh. Well, I completely failed to notice that.


Except if I missed something. But, in any case, please do so! We are running low(ish).
and I do enjoy your nominations too.

I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:


No, I’ve checked - three of them dropped off the bottom, and one snuck out the side.


The Beginner Club does! You can find them in the Historic Polls section - the titles are linked to their original nominations, except for the first two which were kind of pre-nomination era.

I think the Intermediate Club is similar too - again, the older nominations don’t really exist in the same way, so yeah, there’d be some trawling required.


Yes, that’s why I only put in the effort for the winners, which had me go down the rabbit hole of edit history of the original book club thread (pre-split). That was “fun”. I put quotation marks, but I did enjoy it, in a weird way.


I feel bad for @Belthazar who has 4 nominations and 0 selected.