Order of Displayed Radicals/Kanji

Please change the radical decomposition so that it displays the radicals in order of writing. I always confuse myself when leftmost radical in the kanji does not match the first radical in the “Radical Combination” section.

The same goes for vocabulary (Utilized Kanji).


This has been suggested years ago, and they promised to fix the ordering. But it hasn’t still hasn’t changed at all… @viet ?

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Oh, it was already suggested? Sorry, I didn’t know …

No need to apologise. It was suggested but as I said, nothing done yet.



To my understanding, the leftmost radical isn’t always the ‘key’ radical for the Kanji, though. I’ve had this issue when looking up kanji in a physical dictionary that had them sorted by radicals and figuring out the key radical was always the most important step but the least intuitive.

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The leftmost radical is also not always the one written first.

For example in kanji that include things like 辶, such as 道, 首 is written before 辶
Or elements can kind of “straddle” each other in weird ways where it’s hard to say which is first (the order may be spliced).


Aren’t they ordered right-to-left?

Though honestly, I never paid it that much attention…

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I always assumed they were ordered by their WaniKani ID or something like that. :thinking:

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I gave a similar suggestion for this, but related to kanji displayed in vocab (which makes even more sense imo):

And @Kumirei made a script to fix it in hours <3


I believe the breakdown is just ordered by level. I made a script that would also order the radical breakdown by appearance in the mnemonic, but I don’t know if I published that

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Nope, but you should. Same with the vocab breakdown one. I’ll boost them on my guide :muscle:

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I think I had some problem with reliability and that’s why I never bothered to publish it, but maybe I’ll give it another shot

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Hum… never noticed anything with it? :thinking: Though I was 1 month away from reaching level 60 so…

I see in that thread they have already acknowledged this issue. In the meantime, I will be using the script by @Kumirei. It seems to be working very well; thank you for sharing!


No response from @viet, perhaps someone else can help. @oldbonsai?

We’ve put it on the bug fix schedule for the next couple weeks, so it should be live somewhere in that timeframe.

The solution will clearly handle the ordering of the constituent kanji when viewing vocabulary — kanji will be displayed in the order they appear in the vocabulary.

Radical ordering for kanji will be less clear. We’ll build it to be explicit in it’s ordering, but I don’t think a strict “left to right” interpretation of the order is accurate. I’ll leave that part of the question to @anon20839864 to clarify.


The radical ordering is going to be a mix of left to right + actual stroke order. Sometimes stroke order is a bit weird though, so it won’t always match what you’ll find on sites like Jisho, but it should be consistent either way. :slight_smile:


You know it’s a good day when you’ll remove 1 script recommendation from your guide because the WK team is actually going to add the feature! お疲れ!:slight_smile:

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One less script for me to maintain too


Alright, everybody, bug fixed — or so we think. The order for radicals in kanji and kanji in vocabulary should show up correctly on:

Let us know if you spot anything funky!