Opinion about online tuter

Hello, I am a Japanese who want to become an Online Japanese tutor.
I know that I shouldn’t post this topic here. But I don’t have friends who can advice me about this topic.
Would you mind to ask you to tell your opinion.
I want to become a Japanese tutor. First of all, it is important to have experience to teach. I tried to register at Italki. But there are already many teachers. So I have to stay the waiting list at Italki.
I would like to practice as a tutor until then. If I were student, I rather prefer tutor who has experiences. So I want to teach as lower cost until I have enough experience.
I would like to ask your opinion.

1.Do you want to avoid no experience teacher even though the price is lower than other teacher?
2.I am planning the price 30 minutes 3 EURO. What do you feel the price?
3.Do you know the way to find the teacher without language site if you already learn online? It is difficult to find student without register the site that is like an Italki.

Sorry, I am asking this, but I hope that I will be able to get real opinion here.
Thank you in advance!

  1. It is fine to have no experience at the start, just advertise yourself as a conversation partner.
  2. That is way too cheap, you should check italki to find the average price for conversation partners. Should be around 15-20 euros for 30 mins.
  3. No idea.

Hi, for me personally I welcome more Japanese teachers with or without experience to start with. Currently doing lessons in Asao Language School and there are trainee teachers there really have little or no teaching experience. But I don’t know the details about how the teachers are getting paid. If this is helpful, please ask the school.


  1. If the price is cheaper, I think less experience is ok. You are Japanese, after all, so if you’re good at your own language then people will come.
  2. That’s very cheap. Another site I’ve used, Verbal Planet (you might want to try there too, but there are lots of teachers there too), was usually in the $15-25 USD range.
  3. Other than italki and verbalplanet, I’m not super sure. You could ask around on hellotalk, but I’m not sure how that would go as it’s not really set up for that.

I’m not super familiar with iTalki. Do you have to be a credentialed teacher? (I guess more to the point, are you?)

Let’s say you’re not. I still think it’s fine for certain purposes. What I would worry about as the student is how your ability to explain grammar in English is. You would be fantastic for conversation and vocabulary, especially if slightly less expensive than an experienced tutor.

As a beginner, and for grammar, I would avoid because I need a lot of basic grammar explained in a way English-speakers understand and in a logical order. Intermediate, I would choose you. Advanced, I would again want the more experienced English and Japanese speaking teacher to explain the nuances between the similar points in a way I understand.

But if I was looking for conversation practice, I would look for someone more like you. I think your best strategy would be to advertise whatever lessons-type instruction you’re comfortable with, but also make sure to say you can do conversation at any level, easy (which is harder for a native-level speaker to do than it sounds) to very advanced.

All this is hypothetical; I’m not looking at the moment. But that’s what I would be thinking if I were. Good luck!


I feel the same way. As a beginner I would want a Japanese tutor who is fluent in English. If my tutor makes grammar mistakes I fear there would be instances where we would not be able to understand each other.

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That price is very cheap and you can make it higher but even if you don’t this type of price will probably appeal to a parent looking for a tutor for their kid who said they wanted to learn. Like someone else said, depending on your English skills, you have to choose what you should advertise yourself for, personally I would have you as a tutor, I’m the type of person who picks up a lot of grammar just from hearing, and I can just figure out if it’s right or wrong, of course in reading I would need help with certain things like か、が、の and things like that, a simple explanation would probably be enough for me though.

For a website you might want to try posting your job on Fiverr, that is where people go to look for cheap things. You would have to list at starting from $5 which is 4.42 euros.

Your price is quite cheap compared to average. I pay a teacher on Italki about 16€/hour. So you can probably double your price.
Also, why don’t you try other websites ? I think Preply is also quite popular.
I don’t agree with everyone about english skills as you can teach beginners in Japanese only. I know it may look impossible, but it is possible. I learn German with a German teacher who speaks only German. No English at all, it’s difficult but we end up understanding so it’s totally possible :slight_smile:


Thank you for the coments!
I don’t have certificate for teaching, so I thought I should make the cost lower.
I checked the Italki site. I will be able to make the price higher.
Thank you for your advice.

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Thank you for the comments! I’ve checked the recruitment page of ‘‘Asao language school’’ about. But the trainee are just volunteer.
There is a Japanese teachers site that I applied. But they told me that I have to get experience as a teacher if I want to register there.
Also volunteer and language exchange are not included as an experience at the site.
Thank you for your advice.

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Thank you for the comments!
I don’t have certificate for teaching, so I thought I should make the cost lower.
I checked the Italki site. I can offer the price higher. Thank you for your advice.

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Thank you for the comments!
I don’t have certificate for teaching, so I thought I should make the cost lower.
My English level is not fantastic like this response. My language exchange partners are Chinese so I also need to brush up my English.
Thank you for important advice.

I totally agree. When I learn English online, my teacher don’t know Japanese. It takes more time if students don’t know teacher’s language.

I see. Good luck and please keep trying other sites.


I know that the 3 EURO is too cheap thanks to these comments.
This is first time to heard Fiverr.
It is nice information for me. Thank you so much! I will try it.


Thank you for nice comments!
I don’t have certificate for teaching, so I thought I should make the cost lower.
But I checked the Italki site. I should make the price higher.
When I have learnt English, my teacher only spoke English. When I’ve learnt Chinese, my teacher was able to speak Japanese. So I know advantages and disadvantages.
Thank you for your advice.

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  1. It’s depend on what are they looking for. If the student is looking for a teacher who could guide them through grammar and lessons. They would prefer an experienced teacher regardless of the price. On the other hand, if they are just looking for someone who they want to practice Japanese conversation, any Japanese with a bit of teaching background would be enough for them.
  2. I’m not sure but 6 Euro/hours sounds really cheap. You need to consider that the site would deduct what you earn as well. You might recieve as little as 2-3 Euro/hour on your end.
  3. I have no idea.
Not sure if I'm allowed to say this here

If you are looking for a way to gain experience in teaching Japanese and you willingly to offer that low cost tutation fee. Feel free to contact me it might be a good way for practicing real life Japanese conversation for me as well.

ha ha well played. :laughing:

When I choose conversational partners I am not that interested in how much experience they have, but rather what hobbies they have and if we have any common interests. So my only advice is to write somewhere on your advertisement page what your interests are, so you can find students who like the same subjects :slight_smile:

Thank you for the comment. I hadn’t considered yet the fee that will deducted.
The most difficult thing is to find the place to put advertisements for free.
So I should pay the site, but can add it on my lesson fee. your comment is important advice for me!
To tell the truth, I really want to know your idea. lol
I mean… I would like to know the way to find students…but unfortunately I do not know deeply the regulation of this site.