Opinion about online tuter

Thank you for the comments.
I also think so that many students want to speak interesting topic during lessons.
Having many topics is one of the important things for teachers who is liked by students.
It is useful advice for me. Thank you!

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For the price, if it’s too low I think you can increase it later. My current teacher just raised hers, though I don’t know the regulation about that, you will need to check with Italki how much they take for each lesson. Also, I recently noticed that many teachers on preply have their own Youtube channel but it will probably take a lot of your time. I saw someone advertise their channel on Reddit, so maybe you can at least ask for advice there ?
Also, I know Asao has already been mentionned but I saw some teacher starting there and then, I found them on Italki :joy: So this might be a way to be known by student and getting some experience though you will not be paid…
Last one, it kinda has been mentionned and I am not too sure if it’s okay or not. But if you know some potential student that are interested you may use Discord, Skype, whatever for private lessons. In France, for example, it’s very popular for university students to ask around them or put a message in schools to offer private lessons and be paid for it. They don’t have any tier so they can make prices cheaper since all the money will be for them. However, be careful with that since I don’t know how legal it could be here or in your place. I just know that it’s okay and common practice in France. But I don’t want to put you in any kind of trouble with my recommendation.

Hi! It’s great that you want to be a Japanese tutor! :slight_smile: Everyone is a beginner at some point, so you have to start somewhere. Another way you can advertise for students is on Instagram! I follow several teachers on there and when I feel the time is right for me to get a tutor, I will probably hire one of them. They make posts about Japanese words or grammar points several times a week through infographics or little videos or drawings. This way you can see their personality as well as interesting information about learning Japanese. You can also charge whatever you want and just do lessons through Skype or Zoom.

I don’t think it will work that way. The customers (students) don’t need to know that information they just need to know how much they need to pay for the service. So I don’t think any teaching platform will have that option because it’s both not looking good on their end (some might think they are greedy) and making things unnecssary over-complicated.

No, this phrase means “I don’t know” lol.

I don’t really use any site for finding teacher or student and alike. So I don’t have any valueable information that could help you. It’s gonna be tough to kickstart yourself as a teacher online these days because since the pandemic there are a lot of new online Japanese teachers. You might need make yourself standout among them.

How about create some Japanese learning tips and tricks or short lessons on social platforms like twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or instagram? Then tell them you are open up for a 1-1 teaching online as well. It might be a good way to promote your teaching course.

Thank you for the comments.
I checked some YouTube channel by Japanese teachers. I also think making these video take a lot of your time. Also I found about the deducted cost because I read some blogs by Japanese teacher.
I am searching on Reddit, I haven’t found about the advertise, so I will search more.
It comes to Asao, that is make sense that a way to be known by student and getting some experience.
I am sorry but I can’t understand the meaning of ‘’ I found them on Italki :joy: ‘’ It means that there is a Italki teacher who thought at Asao before am I correct?

This is the first time I heard the way sending email to universities to ask to put messages to offer online lessons. thank you for the really useful idea!
Thank you for the useful advice, I really appreciate it.

Thank you for the comments. How do you search Japanese teacher on Instagram? when you find these accounts? It is nice idea to make Instagram account. And also I would like to know how do Japanese learners found these account. But I will search #Japanese #nihongo something like that anyway. Thank you for useful advice!

Honestly, they’ve just started to show up in my algorithm, probably because I search other Japanese tags even though I mostly speak English on Instagram. (I follow a lot of Japanese food and fashion accounts.) Some of the language ones I follow are:


Thank you for the comments.
How do you search Japanese teacher on Instagram? when you find these accounts?
It is nice idea to make Instagram account.
And also I would like to know what words Japanese learners used.
I found #Japanese and #nihongo, I hope I found correct one.
Thank you for useful advice!!

Thank you so much! I checked these accounts. It takes a time to make these, but I think this will be worth it.
Thank you for sharing the useful information!

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