Online Japanese school or tutor?

Hi all, I have seen italki and CafeTalk mentioned a few times on here for online lessons but has anybody used, or know someone who’s used, an actual online “school” for study? I’ve found Japanese Online School and We-Japan for example but I’d love to hear how others are finding/have found their online Japanese teachers.

I’d also love to hear if you’re finding your online classes useful/rewarding and if there’s anything you would change about them to make them more enjoyable or effective.


[EDIT: I am including this in the Speaking category because I’m looking mainly at speaking Japanese and not using a tutor/school to help with reading/writing]


I’ve been taking online university classes in parallel with my other classes. Works just as well as regular classroom lectures, imo. Anything in particular that you’re wondering about?

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I have been using an actual online Japanese school for a while now. However, it’s strictly for Indonesians because the teachers are Indonesians and they teach Japanese in Indonesian. But it’s pretty cheap. The website is called Cakap.

I’d say it’s a really good investment once you actually found the perfect one for you. In my Japanese school, they teach grammar, listening, speaking, and reading. The rest I kinda have to do by my own (kanji and vocabulary). But it’s perfect for someone like me who wants to learn every day but has too little willpower to just sit and cram by myself without somebody keeping me accountable.

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