One Generation

The Kanji literally means One Generation, and it also says “One generation” in the example, but it counts it as wrong.


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Go ahead and add a synonym if you want. Get used to WK not having every possible meaning in there. To be fair, if you check a dictionary, you’re likely to just see “generation” as well. But I use the the override script when I know I understood the meaning.


Your frustration is understandable, but this is why you can add synonyms to words if you like. And also download something like “ignore answer” for when you clearly understand the word but it isn’t the exact answer WK was looking for.

As an aside, there are many examples where a literal translation will be different from a natural one, but WK only includes literal meanings of words, not what English word will sound most natural in a given situation.

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Thank You! I didn’t realize adding synonyms made them a correct answer that’s pretty awesome!

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