On’yomi or kun’yomi?

Hello everyone
How are you doing with japStudies^^
My question is that each kanji character has kun or on
Which are chinease or japanease reads
But wanikani make you study only one of them
Im level 4 now and
im worried if im studing wrong long the way

On’yomi = Chinese reading
Kun’yomi = Japanese reading

WK usually teaches the more common one(s) for the kanji, so it can be either on’yomi or kun’yomi, and then alternative readings can be introduced by the corresponding vocab items too


Tofugu (creators of WK) also posted an article about it, which you can read here. ^-^


Don’t worry about that!

Wanikani introduces one reading with the kanji, so that you aren’t overwhelmed. Then, you will gradually learn the other readings through exposure to vocabulary.

Sometimes you won’t ever learn a particular reading for a specific kanji, but in the few cases that happens it’s usually because that reading isn’t particularly common.

I do very much recommend the article posted by Omun above if you’re worried about the differences and so on between on’yomi and kun’yomi themselves ^^

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