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Does anyone else get mad about getting old radicals wrong (from older levels, like 10 levels ago)? For example, leaf or gun. It is even worse once these radicals do not really get used that much anymore because you have more complex radicals. It makes me so mad, because now they (only some) are completely useless and I continue to get them wrong. (Often for a similar radical or putting in the name of the kanji that the radical is the same as). I am tempted to just add synonyms to get them out of the way. But I feel bad because maybe they will appear in the future… wehhhh. What do you do?




I ended up just going through and adding the meaning for all of the real radicals, and then putting “none” as a synonym for all of the radicals that are made by Wanikani. That way I can continue practicing all of the radicals that actually convey a meaning when present in a kanji, while ignoring all the ones that I don’t need anymore.

But I also don’t use the little stories and such, so remembering Wanikani’s names for the various radicals is not important for me. Your milage may vary.

(This is the site I use to check the radicals)


Yeah I suppose if you don’t use the wanikani mnemonics then there is not much point learning the radical names as they use them


I just look them up. I mean, I’m not that invested in memorizing old radical names.

They may have helped me once, so I don’t skip them from the start like some people, but I’m here to learn Japanese, not these guys, so once their purpose is largely expended, I’m cool cheating.

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