Old mnemonics checkbox? Where is it?

So I think at one point I ticked that ‘old mnemonics’ option box thing out of curiosity, and now for whatever reason, I can’t find it again to tick it back off. And now the old mnemonics are starting to mess with the new ones that I already had in my brain.
I’m pretty sure my brain is just being really derpy but where in the world is that box? I’ve looked really hard through the settings options, but either I’m really blind, or it just isn’t there. Someone help?

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Menu > Settings > App > Display Old Mnemonics

It’s not there ;-;

Did you reset to level one? If so, the option is no longer available to you. If you go to an item page and it only has the new mnemonic, you should be good to go. If not, there may be a bug.

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