Old Kanji showing up in new level

I recently made it to level 10 (yay!), and I noticed that 公 is listed as one of the Kanji to learn. I know that I already learned it a few levels ago, and I’m wondering if anyone has had the same experience. Is this a glitch, or is this normal? If so, why?

Thanks in advance!


It was moved to level 10 on Nov 30, but I believe it should have stayed in your reviews as long as you didn’t reset. Does it still show that you’ve learned it? If so, then that’s normal, you’re good :slight_smile: If it reset and it’s back to unlearned, then that’s a glitch.


I am going to echo @meagstudies. If it simply showed up in your level 10 progress section on your dashboard and has the expected number of blue bars beneath it, all is well. If it shows up in your lessons or has reset itself progress-wise, that is a bug. I hope this helps!


Thank you! It shows that I’ve learned it.

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