Old Calendar names

I found the old Japanese names for the months on my calendar. I thought that it was so cool. I hope everyone is having a good 皐月!

Month Modern name Old name
January ichi-gatsu一月 mutsuki睦月
February ni-gatsu二月 kisaragi如月
san-gatsu san-gatsu三月 yayoi弥生
April shi-gatsu四月 uzuki卯月
May go-gatsu五月 satsuki皐月
June roku-gatsu六月 minazuki水無月
July shichi-gatsu七月 fumizuki文月
August hachi-gatsu八月 hazuki葉月
September ku-gatsu九月 nagatsuki長月
October juu-gatsu十月 kannazuki神無月
November juuichi-gatsu十一月 shimotsuki霜月
December juuni-gatsu十二月 shiwasu師走

Check out this article for extra info


Not quite - you’re missing a header row, so it’s made January the header row instead. Stick this at the top:

|Month|Modern name|Old name|

Delete the extra |---|---|---| that appears under January.

Fun fact: while the article mentions that October is called “the month without gods” because they all gather in Izumo that month, it doesn’t mention that in Izumo, the month is called 神在月かみありづき, “the month with all the gods”.


Here’s a bit of trivia related to the old Japanese calendar names~

In the Ghibli film Tonari no Totoro, there was originally only going to be one girl as a main character. As the story-writing progressed, though, it was decided that there would be two sisters instead. If you look at their names, you can find a hidden reference to this fact that they were originally going to be one person: the older sister’s name is Satsuki, the old Japanese name for the month of May, and the younger sister’s name is Mei, a romaji rendition of the English name of the same month.

Poster where you can see the original Satsuki/Mei girl.


can use this site if you want a lunar calendar and all the lucky/unlucky days for the given month. 2022年(令和4年)カレンダー(祝日・六曜・月齢)|便利コム

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