[OBSOLETE] Wanikani Override ("ignore answer button")

Two errors on my side, still not working:
jquery.js:2 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized)
send @ jquery.js:2
content.js:222 Vocabulary request failed.
(anonymous) @ content.js:222

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It broke for me too since a few days I think, no errors in the console as far as I can see (but I have no idea what a console is so maybe I’m missing them).

Edit: wait ALL my scripts broke. Hmmh.

Hello, I’m new at level 5 now. I use your override script and contributed also to the current discussion of entering wrong mode input for reviews.
So my idea would be to use different background colors for requesting a reading or a meaning. The user would have to scan the kanji. Not also the following line to decide between reading and meaning. Ok, nice to have :slight_smile:
OTOH it should be easy to add some lines to the override script to change the background colors depending on reading/meaning. Any interest in implementing that? Or simply giving me some example code how to set the background colors for the kanji depending on reading/meaning? I could make it work myself.
Years ago I played around with greasemonkey scripts for Firefox. Probably Chrome with Tampermonkey should be similar. Nevertheless it’s already some years, so some pointers would be helpful.

Hi! Which ‘current discussion’ are you referring to? I’m not really in the loop on this forum. I usually only check for @'s directed at me.

I also don’t understand the requests you are making. I’ve used WK for a long while and I’ve never had problems with distinguishing reading/meaning questions. The background already changes depending on kanji/vocabulary, the language of input changes and there’s a line above the input that asks for reading or meaning. Seems like enough clues to me.


This thread.

Honestly kinda feel this is something that should be its own script, though, rather than something that should be tacked-on to yours.


I’m talking abaout
Better differentiate between “reading” and “meaning”
And you are right, there are enough clues. You could even say more than
clues :slight_smile:
Nevertheless it seems to be a problem for some beginners where I think
it would help me and perhaps people similiar to me.
Anyways if you could perhaps give me a pointer how to check for how I
can check whether it wants a reading or meaning and how to access the
kanji background I would be grateful.
If you don’t feel like doing that no hard feelings. You also don’t need
to anwer. Then I just have to RTFM if I feel like it.
And it’s not like I never tell people to RTFM at my job :slight_smile: So I can
understand it.


Agreed. And here is an extra sentence because a forum post needs to be 10 characters minimum. 'Kay, think I’m good now… kthxbye :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have (web) programming experience? The properties you need to change are easy to find if you inspect the page, but if you’ve got no idea what I just said, I can just give you the code.

Do you have (web) programming experience? The properties you need to change are easy to find if you inspect the page, but if you’ve got no idea what I just said, I can just give you the code.

I have programming experience and I have an idea about what you just said.

alright, if you’re stuck, lemme know.

This may already be a thing and I just couldn’t find it and I don’t know how hard it would be to implement blah blah blah…

@Mempo - Feature request: Can you add somewhere in the review summary the answered correct percentage that you would have had if you didn’t override? I’ve noticed that I’m abusing the script more and more but if I could see just how much by comparing the percentages I think I would be less liberal with The Button. (Ex. If I missed a radical but override it, my final WK percentage would be 100%. I also want it to show that I would have had 0%.)

Sounds interesting. I’m gonna look into it on the weekend.

I installed the script but it doesn’t seem to do anything. I have greasemonkey installed and am using Firefox. Anything else I should do? I like the script because I am a very fast but sometimes inaccurate typist.

Greasemonkey is flaky at best these days. Try Tampermonkey.

Yea, like seanblue said, definitely go with Tampermonkey. I even removed mention of greasemonkey from the script installation guide because of problems like these. It’s been pretty unreliable lately.

Thank you. Tampermonkey did the trick.

Anyone having trouble with this script? It just stopped working for me (it worked fine last night).

Google chrome is now throwing a syntax error when the script loads.

Just installed it, appears to be busted.

This script stopped working for me a few months back. I’d recommend using this one instead:

I find it’s actually easier to use, anyway; just hit backspace to undo your answer and start over.

Still working here