Number vocabulary

I feel a bit frustrated with the early levels that include number vocabulary because there are so many that are just repetitive without adding new information?

  1. To me, it seems a bit unnecessary to learn 二百、 四百 and 五百 (which follow regular pronunciation) but not 三百 or 六百 which would be worth learning because of their irregular reading?
  2. Why is it necessary to learn 一台、二台、三台 and so on? I understand that the additional repetition doubles as extra practice but I’d rather learn new items than repeat the same structure over and over again. :confused:

Is there a reason for this?

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The early levels will include the repition to reenforce the regular pronunciations, and 三百、六百、etc. do get introduced later. You will also find that the regular ones get taught less as the levels progress and only the odd ones out get a mention.

They’re emphasizing the difference between regular and irregular. 三百 is taught.

But you have to establish the regular before you introduce the irregular.

I see! Thx. :slight_smile:

I could easily see someone trying to pronounce this しひゃく
Again, just cause it’s easy for you doesn’t really make it a problem does it? That just means you’ll be able to list it in your burned pile earlier. It’s nice to be reaffirmed that you can do something from time to time.
I don’t see any reason to reduce the already limited amount of vocabulary in WaniKani.

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