Number of apprentice items is not decreasing

It has been 2 days, I leveled up to 18,

I have 96 lessons and only doing reviews the past two days but the apprentice items does not decrease, it keeps around 108 all the time. My accuracy is aroung 85-90%. What happened?

Before every time I did reviews the number of apprentice items were decreasing and now nothing.

Any way to fix this???

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The last 2 SRS intervals in Apprentice is 23 hours + 2 days. So, having apprentice 3 and 4 items like you do, will still take you several days before they disappear up to guru.

BTW you can also check the User guide for all these things.


so, there is no script interfering with this as well?

Also it seems like you have 88 items in the last stage of Apprentice, so if you answer those correctly next time (so in 2 or less days, depending on how long ago you answered them), you’ll have -88 Apprentice, so just 20 :slight_smile:


good to know that,

actually first time this is happening since I started WK. I always had 3 levels piled up when starting new level.

Script Dashboard Apprentice [Userscript] Dashboard Apprentice
will display all appr items group by SRS level, to see the situation more clear.

Another script (which take no extra space on dashboard) will break down numbers of Appr 1-4 and Guru 1-2: [Userscript] WaniKani Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown


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