Notes on my WK experience

Hello ladies and gentleman,
I’d like to talk about what i experienced so far in a brief fashion and then request your comments and critics. Every reply is welcome, no hard feelings.

My goals?: get fluent in japanese in 10 years. not the sharpest knife in drawer :frowning:

WK: i am pleasant with the WK as a whole package; UI, SRS and gamification is great, community is more than greater ( winks in nyan-go :kissing_cat:).
I am mobile throught the day so i use WK whenever i have time, mostly on phone. I prefer vanilla so “dashboard progress plus” and “ultimate timeline” are only userscripts i use in pc.

Provided Mnemonics: they are ok for most cases. If not, i try to came up with a better one. I see that mnemonics which are repeating the reading are better. for instance, in 要, ( lady in helicopter is in need of ) “youhannesbourg youghurt”. This also provides feedback for double-long-repeating vowel traps. For many mastered and enlightened kanji, mnemonics are blended into permanent memories and are not needed anymore.

Radicals & Readings & Meanings: Radical lessons and reviews are my faves. i am ok with meanings. In readings, i feel much more better by time. There is no other way other than get familiar with Rendaku’d ones. I feel great after successful attempts. this is a paradox imo :slight_smile: I like 週, i hate 女 and 上, i accept 日 as it is.

Lessons & Reviews: Just like a game, there are hills and valleys in WK. Last days of a level is very nice and sound. In contrast, a new level beginning means 42+ lessons including previous levels lessons. Lessons are my priority so i do lessons asap. I prefer 6 lessons in a go. Piled up reviews make me uncomfortable so i constantly doing reviews. I consider that up to 12 days are good for leveling up. I use と for skipping readings, bummer.

Apprentice count: a couple of levels before, less than 100 apprentice items were fine but it is slowly building up to 200 and more. i do not know how to feel about it. any body ??
edit: i do not care about the apprentice count anymore. if it is under 100 within 4 hour periods, it is ok.

Stats: ( thanks to wkstats )
what do you think ? good or not ? anything to mention ?

Thank you for your time, i wish you a very nice day.


It seems like you are having a bit of trouble with the readings. I know you said you don’t use many scripts, but this one may help you recognize patterns in on’yomi readings.


I installed, thank you.

Unless you live in Japan, I think 10 years for fluency is actually a reasonable timeframe.



I was thinking for myself that that’s not enough time, unless you study every day. :disappointed_relieved:

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My advice is not to rush it. Especially if you have a life other than just learning Japanese. Once you start getting burn reviews, you might want to limit your apprentice items.

Im a 75% readings xD
I haven’t heard of that script but ill check it myself.

What is your apprentice count ?
It is certain that the count will increase with my level but I am not sure about the optimal range of apprentice items. I manage to complete reviews but a 120 item review session is tiresome.

Usually it’s around 100 but sometimes I drop it down if I am having too many reviews or leeches. If 120 at time is too much, you could do a session of 50 or 60, have a break and come back to it.

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