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So I’ve just started going through genki I and taking notes in a notepad however I don’t like doing this as writing in Japanese isn’t my strong point and I don’t really have a desire to write it either if i’m honest, however typing it is super easy so I was wondering what note taking software does everyone use/ recommend?

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Well, I’m using my own app I’ve made for taking notes.

But I most certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else but me. :sweat_smile:

The app I would recommend for taking notes though is Microsoft OneNote.


Oh yeah I totally forgot OneNote was a thing! I used to use it back in my school days doing computer science, it’s probably changed a bunch since then but I imagine it’s still going to be really useful. Thanks!

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I always take digital notes (in any language), because it’s faster for me and also searchable.

I just use the built-in notes app on my computer and phone (so Apple notes)… There are probably better options but it works fine for me :blush: I just need something that lets me create collections, format my notes and synchronise to different devices.


As an educator I would like note that the research basically unanimously agrees that written notes lead to far greater retention. Obviously don’t change your habits just for me, but if you find yourself struggling to recall things I recommend switching to physical notes.


Usually the thing that holds me back is vocabulary and I do make a note of words I am struggling with in a notepad and continue to do so because I do find that, in that particular case writing does help. But in other situations I find writing to be a nuisance. But I’ll keep that in mind thanks!

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I use Google Docs and Drive to structure my notes. I have folderds for various activities (workbooks, reading, tutor homeworks etc) and I name the documents as date + topic.

Also when reading I use my Japanese dictionary on the phone to add new vocab into a list named after the thing I’m reading. But I can’t really recommend this since there seems to be no way to export the vocab lists.

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